Signs of Spring

No matter what the calendar says, my official start of spring is when the snowdrops start to bloom.  If we ignore Thursday (high of 29 degrees),  the 10-day forecast is supporting my conclusion.  Today’s high of 64 made working in the garden more than just bearable, it was down right glorious.  It was so nice in fact, that I had the first volunteer help of the season in the garden today.  The task list? Liriope! And there is plenty more to clip.

I’m not in denial or anything.   I realize that we have another week until spring is actually here and a few more until our last frost date.  But, it’s nice to see that after most of our snow has melted, the plants still have the right idea.  I was pleasantly greeted by these snowdrops at the Sakura Pavilion, and they’ve reminded me that spring is right around the corner.