Opening Weekend!

My blood, sweat, and (cold-weather) tears are literally spackled around the garden. You can ask Derek Finn our site and program manager, he went to grab me a bandaid.

It has been an intense week and a half: Two separate visits from Asher Browne – our very talented garden consultant and a leader in Japanese Garden design on the East Coast, excavation of four yards of soil and a back-aching amount of stepping stones, a visit from Haverford College student volunteers to graciously move soil, our annual Spring Cleanup Day followed by hot lunch prepared by members from the Board, 43 additional volunteer hours from my regular weekly volunteers, completion of the new retaining wall off of the SW corner of the veranda, commencement of the black pine pruning, and we can’t forget to wedge in two more snowfalls. Whew!

With all of that, it was still hard to leave the garden last night. As I pulled the debris bags closer to the gate and moved my belongings closer to the door, I kept seeing “one more thing” I could tidy up quickly. Even after I set the alarm, I was still grabbing at rouge leaves on my way out. I’m sure that all of our guests this weekend will only see the beauty that our garden has to offer. Most people must be starved for enjoying the outdoors after such a harsh winter and will welcome the 50 degree weather. I hope the rain won’t keep visitors away. The view of the garden is best seen from the shelter of the veranda.

I’m probably jinxing everyone by saying this, but, this may be the last photo with snow taken Wednesday morning…


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