In Bloom

The annual Cherry Blossom Festival may be over, but the cherry blossoms have only just begun.  Trees in the coolest, most shaded areas still have not pushed any blooms.  The yedoensis species on the far end of the pond and the other at our front gate still bare no flowers.  The cherry blossoms can hold for about two weeks depending on the weather.  I know a lot of you are hoping for the high temperatures to keep coming, but once in bloom, the high temps can cause the flowers to fall more quickly.  That goes for most of the flowering trees in our area.

More pressing right now are the magnolias- especially the grove behind Shofuso.  They are such a magnificent backdrop for the house, and although stunning, they can be rather fleeting some years.  If you want to see them in their glory, you’ll have to come visit in the next couple of days.  You’ll find kobus, and stellata, and soulangeana, oh my!  And they are in full bloom waiting for you, but they won’t wait very long.  Unfortunately, there is rain and wind in the forecast for tomorrow, so today might be your best bet.

Inside the gates, you’ll see the dripping white blooms of the pieris. Not far behind should be the flowering quince in the courtyard garden, the dogwood across the pond, and our spring flowering camellia in the tea garden.  There is always something beautiful to view in the gardens at Shofuso. The season of blooms has just begun.

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