Fall of the Cherries

Most of the Yoshino and Higan cherries are on their way out–the flowers are fading and falling, and the leaves are pushing through. It will be the Kwanzan cherry’s time to shine in a short while. In the meantime, we still watch the native dogwood (Cornus florida) open up its four showy bracts around a small yellowish/green cluster which is the true flower–more on that once they’re fully in bloom.

If you’re coming to the garden this weekend looking for a show, take a walk through the tea garden. You won’t be able to miss the camillia. It definitely lost a lot of buds due to the frigid temps that we’re trying to forget from this winter. But to be honest, there are more flowers this year than I remember seeing last year. The courtyard garden is also coming alive. The hosta and ferns are emerging, and the quince is holding on to juicy white blooms.

Flowers aren’t the only show in the garden. The deciduous trees are starting to leaf out and the Japanese maple on the berm is a showstopper year-round. Currently, the emerging orange-red leaves pop against its green backdrop. So many transformations are starting to happen in the garden. Come now and come often to see the many seasons of change.



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