April Showers

These dreary, cold, wet (grey, bone chilling, merciless) days can bring some people down, but I welcome a good soaking rain–I’ll just have to be alert for weeds once the rain subsides.  This time of year is especially busy around the garden.  It gives me very little time to catch up on emails, complete paperwork, update documents, (write a blogpost).  Weather like this gives me an excuse to come inside and recollect my thoughts and strategy.  I’m no stranger to working in the rain or cold, but I consider working a full day in driving rain with windy 45 degree weather very difficult.  It’s so hard to focus on anything else besides how soon to get to a warm, dry location with a cup of hot tea.

We have to all remember that it is still only April.  Although it’s somewhat unlikely, we could still get a frost.  Anyone who has started moving their plants outside or has laid grass seed is wishing against that, and those in agriculture are even more so.  We are sometimes rolling the dice this time of year.  The forecast tomorrow is calling for a high of 77 degrees… that is hot.  As tempting as high 70 degree weather can be, our gardens will benefit from ramping the temperatures up gradually.

The weekend should be beautiful, less a bit of wind.  Everything should perk up nicely for our visitors.  The greens will be a little greener to create the perfect backdrop for our cherry and dogwood across the pond, and the maple up on the berms.  The camellia and quince are still pushing blooms and the kwanzan cherry behind the teahouse has started to open up.  To see a kwanzan a little further along, look no farther than directly across from our front gate.  I’m welcoming the fragrant hostas whose leaves grow taller day by day, and I’m anxious for our tree peony that only had one bloom last year and I’m counting at least five buds now.  Even though I look positively at this rainstorm, at least we can be glad that it hit now instead of on the weekend.

kwanzantree peony