Emergence from Spring

Longer days with warmer temps and increased rainfall make all of the plants grow so fast.  During spring everything moves to the priority list as time sensitive tasks come up.  Sometimes it’s hard to discern what priorities trump the other very real priorities.  The new bamboo shoots need to be managed while they’re still tender and easily cut, the pines need to be candled before the new growth starts to push, the azaleas need to be sheared and the rhododendrons need to be pruned before they set their buds for next year’s flowering.  That’s just to name a few activities.  Let’s not forget to mention that spring is also a time to inspect just about all of your plant material for pests. Scale and mites and borers and caterpillars of all varieties come out of dormancy, and boy are they hungry.

This emergence from spring is really my, the gardener’s, emergence from the responsibilities that spring brings. Anyone with a garden can tell you that spring is definitely the busiest time of year.  May has come and gone and although there has been so much activity in the garden, I haven’t been able to share my experiences.  I’ll update you with a reel of pictures that I’ve taken throughout May.  To see the current state of some of the plantings and garden areas pictured below, you’ll have to come out to Shofuso and see for yourself!