How are the blooms?

I hope that many of you had the chance to enjoy the beautiful weather this past weekend during the height of the cherry bloom. The trees along the Schuylkill River had an exceptional display on Saturday and Sunday along with many of the trees around Shofuso. Our site was very busy over the weekend, and no matter which direction our guests entered the grounds, there were cherries there to greet them. On the Memorial Hall side, the Yoshino cherries opened full just in time for the weekend; and at the Horticultural Center entrance, the Higan cherries held there blooms for the crowd of park goers to enjoy.

Thanks to the heavy rains this morning, many of the trees that were out full for the weekend are visibly declining. They are also starting to push their green leaves which can detract from the flowers that are still clinging on. Please don’t let this discourage you. There are still a number of trees pushing flowers. The section of the iconic Cherry Tree Allée that lies west of Belmont Avenue was still bursting with bright pink this morning. Two of the cherry trees at Shofuso still haven’t opened their buds; in addition, our late blooming Kwanzan cherry may not flower until next week. I was actually also very surprised to see the magnolias around Shofuso to still be holding flowers that were set last week, as well as a

few of the magnolias to just be opening. Plenty more “early” spring flowering trees to see as long as the weather agrees. Some localized T-storms are being forecast for later this evening, but the wind speeds are low. Fingers crossed that any heavy rains miss the fragile trees that are currently at their peak.