Tremendous Tree Peony

Today was National Public Gardens Day which is one of the opportunities for me to give tours through the garden. We typically don’t give “garden tours” on the ground since the garden is meant to be seen from inside the house or on the veranda. In any case, I enjoyed walking visitors around and telling them the garden’s story from my perspective.

A popular stop on the way to the boat landing was at our tree peony. It is coming into bloom just in time for Mother’s Day weekend. There is actually a lot going on in the garden all at once. I think our late spring arrival and now consistently warm temperatures have something to do with that. There are still some cherry blooms on the far end of the pond along with our native dogwood, all while the azaleas are coming into bloom. Some of the azaleas are full and may start to fade by next week if this heat keeps up the way it has. The Kwanzan cherry that I mentioned in my last post has dropped most of its flowers, but it has left a beautiful (for now) pink carpet behind. Everything is leafing out and filling in and as the gardener it’s almost like the walls are closing in on me. It’s an exciting time with lots to do, so there are some long days ahead of me. I didn’t even mention that this is the time the new bamboo shoots are growing. Everything picks up in May.

Back to the visitor’s perspective: The star of the show right now is definitely the tree peony. This is my third season with this magnificent plant, and the show just keeps getting better. The blooms are literally the size of your face and such a vibrant pink. I don’t know how long the flowers will hold, so you should definitely make the Japanese House a stop while taking your mothers out to enjoy the weekend. Satellite map

tree peony

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