A Bit of Relief

Anyone in the Philadelphia area can tell you that the weather has been a bit uncomfortable lately. The temperatures have been around the 90 degree mark for awhile, but it’s the humidity that makes the impact so oppressive. Last night’s rain shower has done wonders to lower the humidity level making being outside more enjoyable. It comes at a good time since the 4th Annual Ikebana Exhibition is on display at the Japanese House through the weekend. Visitors and flower arrangements alike will appreciate the break from the heavy air.

High humidity is certainly an inconvenience, especially for a lot of plant species. It can increase the chances of molds, mildews, fungi, and attracting other pests. But one thing that actually thrives in a high humidity environment is moss. Anyone who catches me in the courtyard (which is likely in the summer heat since it’s the coolest shady area in the garden) will see my fondness for the green fuzz. If you ask me what I’m doing I will talk your ear off about keeping it clean, the challenges with establishment, the magic of patience, etc. Since moss doesn’t have a true root system it gets everything it needs from the air, including water. So, when the air is thick, the moss can drink it up. Mold is still an issue though, so it’s wise to always monitor any plant you care about. Which will be my excuse if you find me ducking in the courtyard on a hot day.

If you make it out to Shofuso for the exhibit this weekend, be sure to stroll the garden and get a whiff of the sweet-smelling white hosta blooms. This weekend will be your last chance of the season. If you fall in love with the fragrance, you’ll have a chance to purchase some garden https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/generique-viagra/ transplants at our plant sale during the flea market. accommodation Mark your calendars for October 24.

I hope to see you in the garden soon!