March Beyond the Madness

March is an unpredictable month at Shofuso. So far I’ve experienced floods, snowstorms, and now peak bloom of the cherry blossoms. I was calling a March snowstorm two months ago. I figured with the mild winter, maybe something would push through to rain- or, I guess snow on people’s parades. Although it did end up snowing in March, it amounted to nothing and especially when compared to last year’s March snowstorm. There are two photos below from inside the black pines while pruning. Very opposite scenes. And, I have to point out that the snowy photo was day two of pruning last year. Big wet flakes were falling the day before (have you ever pulled pine needles in the snow?).

I guess it’s very predictable that there is a ton of work to do in the garden in March to prepare for opening. This year we even had a preseason rental and garden programming at the site. That should be a solo gardener’s nightmare, I suppose. I decided that even though there is so much to do in the garden this month, that I would not succumb to “the madness.” I’m really over that tagline in general, unless you are actually talking about college basketball.

I have a blaring task list at hand, and sometimes I’m trying to prioritize equally pressing needs of the garden. I try to take pause in the quiet moments when the garden is empty, try not to think, but attempt to feel what’s next. There is enough actual madness in the world- we certainly don’t need to unnecessarily instill it in all things happening in March.

Let’s stop the madness, relax, and perhaps enjoy the cherry blossoms.