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Plenty of Off -Season Activity


It has been a busy few months for me in the garden. I took my second training trip to Japan in October which filled me with joy and rejuvenation for my work. I think the trip’s invigorating qualities were necessary

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The “Japanese Tea House”


I haven’t written in awhile. I’m sorry to those that fervently read this blog… I’ve been a little busy. Working in a public garden during a dry spell in the summer takes a lot of time and energy from each

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When do the cherries fruit?


When do the cherries fruit? I never hear that question. I’ve answered when the cherries BLOOM hundreds (maybe an exaggeration) of times by now and during every season of the year. I certainly am interested when cherry season rolls around

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March Beyond the Madness


March is an unpredictable month at Shofuso. So far I’ve experienced floods, snowstorms, and now peak bloom of the cherry blossoms. I was calling a March snowstorm two months ago. I figured with the mild winter, maybe something would push

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Flowers Emerge


Early this week I was thinking that I’ve never seen so many robins in February. It truly feels like spring is in the air on some days, but we have to remember that a cold front could easily come through

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Happy January

kadomatsu small

It might be a little late for a New Year’s post, but I guess that depends on who you ask. Traditionally, the Japanese New Year was celebrated in line with the Chinese New Year which is based on a lunisolar

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Preparing for Winter


Nearing the end of November and having days with temperatures in the 60s is sort of helpful for someone like me who feels behind in their winter preparations in the garden. I still have a few areas to fertilize and

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Autumn in the Air


Wednesday marked the first day of my favorite season. Fall brings cooler and more comfortable weather, beautiful color changes, fruit bearing branches, and a crisp and cleaner smell to the air. The weather we have been having the last couple

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A Bit of Relief


Anyone in the Philadelphia area can tell you that the weather has been a bit uncomfortable lately. The temperatures have been around the 90 degree mark for awhile, but it’s the humidity that makes the impact so oppressive. Last night’s

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Tremendous Tree Peony

tree peony sm

Today was National Public Gardens Day which is one of the opportunities for me to give tours through the garden. We typically don’t give “garden tours” on the ground since the garden is meant to be seen from inside the

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