Spring Children’s Day Field Trips

Spring Children’s Day Field Trip

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Shofuso offers a day-long field trip opportunity for students in grades 1-4 based on Children’s Day, a  Japanese holiday honoring children. This student event includes a day filled with hands-on lessons that integrate with PA state curriculum.

Combining the traditional Boy’s Day and Girl’s Day in Japan, the Children’s Day holiday combines both traditions with festive activities celebrating childhood.

PA Curriculum Standards:

1.6 Speaking and Listening
7.3B The Human Characteristics of Places and Regions: Components of culture & Ethnicity of people in the local community
9.1 Production, Performance an Exhibit of Dance, Music, Theater and Visual Arts
9.2 Historical and Cultural Contexts

Program Descriptions:

Kamishibai Storytelling (30 minutes) Since the 1920s, before the advent of TV, storytellers would travel around Japan delighting children with stories of adventure. The storyteller would use a series of posters to tell a traditional Japanese story such as the “The Moon Princess” or “Momotaro: the Peach Boy.”

Tour of House (30-45 minutes, plus walking time)
Students will tour Shofuso, learning about Children’s Day and viewing and learning about traditional Children’s Day decorations. By the end, students will also understand what a contemporary Japanese house is like and how that compares to their own living situation.

Hina Dolls/ Koi Nobori (Windsock) Activity (15 minutes each)
In Japan, Girls and Boys have their own festivals to celebrate their childhood. In our lesson, boys and girls will experience what each gender did in Japan in this two-part lesson. In the Girl’s Day section, students role play like members of the Emperor’s Court by performing Japanese classical dances with fans, and learn about hina dolls given to girls on Girl’s Day. In the Boy’s Day section, students learn about and make windsock koi kites, a typical craft given to boys for their day.

Kimono Dressing (3o minutes)
Children will learn about traditional Japanese clothing from a trained kimono dresser, and select students will be chosen to model yukata (casual summer kimono) for the group.

Taiko Drumming Performance (30 minutes)
Provided by Kyo Daiko Japanese Drumming Group
All students will gather together for this performance of Japanese drumming.

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Children’s Day field trips book up quickly.  Current available openings:

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