Summer Camp 2017

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Summer camp at Shofuso is designed to be enjoyed as independent thematic weeks or as a five week journey through the arts and culture of Japan for 3rd through 6th graders. At the end of each week, there will be a culminating event for parents and friends when campers will showcase their skills in the visual, performing or martial arts as well as leading a tour of the house and garden.

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Monsters, Myths, and Heroes of Japan: July 10 – July 14
Discover the daring feats of Peach Boy or the spine tingling tales of oni (ogres) or yokai (ghosts) in this week that focuses on the stories of Japan. Campers will learn about traditional folktales while creating their own. Activities will include building a wooden miniature kamishibai theater from which they can perform their own paper stories.

The Wonderful World of Studio Ghibli: July 17 – July 21
Explore the wonderful and weird animations of Hayao Miyazaki (Ponyo, Totoro) who is one of the most well-known animators in Japan.  Campers will explore manga and anime techniques while creating their own group animations.

Cats and Monkeys and Rabbits, Oh My!: July 24 – July 28
Animals play a big part in the tales, holidays and art of Japan. Learn about the maneki neko (lucky cat), usagi (rabbit) and kitsune (fox) and more! Activities will include origami, printmaking and other traditional art forms using animals as their inspiration.

Build It, Plant It: July 31 – August 4
Campers will get to know Shofuso inside and out during this architecture and garden week. Using the site as inspiration, campers will design and construct their own dream space and Japanese garden. Activities will include creating a batik door curtain using traditional designs or favorite kawaii manga characters.

Games and Toys of Japan: August 7 to August 11
This week will be all fun and games for campers who like to play! Learn about traditional Japanese toys and games while trying them out. Make a kokeshi doll in the form of your favorite character, fold origami water bombs and jumping frogs, learn to juggle otedama (bean bags) and create feats for our own Japanese-style game show.

Meet Our Camp Mascots

Japan is known for cute. Everything from cities to police departments has their very own mascot. Now Shofuso summer camp is happy to introduce ours!

These cuties were created by three of our campers, Kitty, Eli and Ethan, under the direction of Philadelphia graphic designer Art Wendler.  Campers attended a workshop at Shofuso in the spring of 2016 to learn about the Japanese tradition of mascots and get tips on creating their own inspired by Shofuso.

All campers will receive a free camp shirt on their first day. Additional shirts can be purchased from camp staff. Children sizes $5, adult sizes $7.