Classes and Workshops


Adult Workshops
Learn about the culture of Japan in a relaxed and engaging way in programs designed especially for adults. Workshops are held on and off-site depending on the time of year and nature of the workshop. Check back often for updated workshop additions and seasonal offerings.

Garden Workshops
Learn the techniques that add beauty and structure to Shofuso’s garden from Japanese gardening professional Asher Browne. These small group workshops allow plenty of one on one instruction, and are designed with both hobbyists and professional gardeners in mind.

Tea Lessons
Our tea ceremony classes offer the opportunity to practice in a traditional style in an authentic setting. Our teachers are licensed by the Chado Urasenke Tankokai Philadelphia Association, licensed by Urasenke headquarters in Kyoto, Japan.

Taiko Lessons
Learn how to play taiko drums with beginner taiko classes from Kyo Daiko! Classes are open to adults of all ages, musical backgrounds and experience. In fact, no experience is necessary. We will teach you everything from proper stance, how to hold the drum sticks, and striking technique, in addition to teaching you about the history and traditions of taiko.

Dance Lessons
Use movement to experience the culture of Japan in our Classical Japanese Dance Lessons! Lessons include both one-on-one and group instruction and are appropriate for all ages. Lessons are taught by licensed instructor Fujima Nishiki-no (Helen Moss).