IchiFuji-kai at Shofuso: Helen Moss

Helen Moss (Fujima Nishiki-no 藤間錦乃) teaches and performs Japanese classical dance in the elegant Soke Fujima style. As “spokesdancer,” she gives workshops, lectures, and demonstrations to introduce people of all ages to the beauty of dance and Japanese culture throughout the greater New York City area.

Ms. Moss has been involved with classical Japanese classical dance (nihon buyō) for almost thirty years, training solely under the great dancer and teacher, Fujima Nishiki. She received natori (performing name) in 1998 and shihan (teacher) in 2003, becoming one of very few non-Japanese licensed to teach in the elegant Soke Fujima style.

In addition to teaching dance classes at CRS in Manhattan, Resobox in Long Island City, and Shofuso in Philadelphia, Ms. Moss also coordinates and dresses Japanese dance costumes. In 2014, she was honored to provide costumes and do costume dressing for a performance of Madama Butterfly at the Japanese Ambassador’s Residence in Washington, D.C. She also did the prototype dressing for “Rain” in Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet tour, and has provided dressing for many productions by the Harmonia Opera Company, a Japanese opera company based in New York City.

Ms. Moss is a member of the Association for Asian Performance (AAP), the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) and is the founding Secretary of IchiFuji-kai Dance Association, a multicultural non-profit organization representing the Soke Fujima style in the greater New York City area.